No guts, no glory…

I love this quote from one of the World’s most successful horsemen, Bob Avila.

I found it in one of his books once and scribbled it out on a piece of notebook paper.

I think about it a lot when it’s hot or cold, when I have been broke, or I hurt all over…

I have 1000 excuses, but, “No guts, no glory.”

“I think we’ve all known people who talk big about having horse goals,
and yet always have an excuse for not going forward.
They put more energy into coming up with justifications
than they do sticking to the concept of
“just do it”
That’s the big reason why such people are seldom successful past a certain
Their true motivation isn’t to succeed it’s to avoid failure by playing it safe.”
They back down to their comfort zone the minute the going gets tough.
To me, that’s the ultimate self sabotage, because the going always gets tough
at some point when you’re dealing with horses and human emotions.
lack of money,
stiffer competition,
family problems,
depleted confidence
-name a setback,
and chances are you’ll come up against it something.
There’s a lot of truth to the phrase,
“No guts, no glory” Bob Avila

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