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Amazing Riders From The Cavalry

modern centaurs

I ran across this and had to share! Crazy footage of brave horses & riders who have definitely earned their spurs! Really don’t even aspire to ride like this! But they were amazing riders!

“It ain’t about how hard you hit,it’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward.”

This is motivating….

Leg Control with Jay Starnes, 2009 & 2010 2 Yr. Old Reichert Champion

“Make your feet, your hands.”


This is the time where every year I try to sit down and plan and dream of what I want to accomplish for the nextyear. But this year WOW! 2009 was a rough year! I’m ready for it to be over. So I was searching for Inspiration. A little Motivation. And I came across this…

Strive To Develop Your Horse’s Work Ethic Part 1

When you first start working with your horse it’s like a little kid on their first day of kindergarten! It’s hard to keep them focused on the lesson. I found it really helps to be conscious about changing  my horse’s routine . If I do it step by step it prevents alot of temper tantrums….

Just Get Started…Aim for progress.

Some times the hardest part for me is just to get started! So my goal for today in working with my 2 year old filly, Gracie is to just get going! Make progress and not worry about perfection. She’s been rolling in the mud, so I’ll just work on getting her cleaned up. Here’s a…