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Keep Your Eye On The Prize.

This weekend we attended a small open horse show in our area. This particular show is great to take beginners to practice but it  is always a challenge for us. You have to go with the attitude of having fun and just having the best ride you can because our western classes are sometimes combined…

Leg Control with Jay Starnes, 2009 & 2010 2 Yr. Old Reichert Champion

“Make your feet, your hands.”

Strive To Develop Your Horse’s Work Ethic Part 1

When you first start working with your horse it’s like a little kid on their first day of kindergarten! It’s hard to keep them focused on the lesson. I found it really helps to be conscious about changing  my horse’s routine . If I do it step by step it prevents alot of temper tantrums….

Building Trust + Discipline= Respect

An essential skill everyone must master to be successful working with horses (and actually a lot of  other areas of life as well) is the art of balance. Balance. We hear that term a lot pertaining to horses. A balanced seat. Collected balanced movement. A balanced foot. But the area I am focusing on today…

Just Get Started…Aim for progress.

Some times the hardest part for me is just to get started! So my goal for today in working with my 2 year old filly, Gracie is to just get going! Make progress and not worry about perfection. She’s been rolling in the mud, so I’ll just work on getting her cleaned up. Here’s a…