“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

Confucius said “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. ”  So I’ll take a single step and begin.

”Whatever you can do or dream you can,

Begin it.

Boldness has power, genius and magic in it …”  Goethe

This is one of my all time favorite quotes, BEGIN IT. There is power, genius and magic in the boldness of just starting. What an awesome thought! I think it is true that  most of us, myself included, put off our dreams and passions until later, there is always something more pressing … When in truth, really all we have is now.

I heard another quote once that I have found to be very true for me, that in the end of it all, our worst regrets are not what we have done, but, what we have NOT done. I think about this a lot when I have waited too long to act on something and have missed the opportunity.


So what does this have to do with horses and this blog?   

For me, it means getting out my notes I’ve taken since I was a kid dreaming of riding and the hundreds of notes I’ve taken the through the years of producing horse training videos for others and training my own horses and  finally sharing my ideas to help others…

And for you, it means… that if you have had any desire to get involved with horses or to improve your relationship with your horse… there has never been a better time than now.

Let’s get motivated, educated, make a plan and just do it as Nike would say. Let’s GO FOR IT and SEIZE THE DAY! Because the benefits of a true partnership with a horse is going to be unlike anything you’ve ever experienced and if you, your child, or anyone you know has any interest whatsoever, you don’t want to miss the ride. Because like beginning, horses also have magic, genius and power in them.




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